Sunday, November 14, 2004

Email received tonight, 11pm EST


Mr. Pepe,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Enigma Stealthboxxer, Private Investigator. Your name was highly recommended as someone who has many contacts throughout the country. Being located on the West Coast, I find it difficult to investigate matters that reach beyond the western states. I am writing to ask for your assistance in an urgent matter:

My agency has recently been employed by a very distraught woman to find her missing lover who vanished a few months ago from the Pacific Northwest. This woman has exhaused her efforts on her own to find the man. Being a man of the shadows, I have opportunity to look in places too dark for others to delve, especially for women of high station.

I took this case with very little information at all, not even a name to begin with. However, since the woman is obviously in very much pain in losing her man (and since she has paid me a sizable retainer) I decide to take the case. To date I have been able to track down some very scant leads on this case. Most of those leads focus on events occuring in the Pacific Northwest. Still, there are other leads that could take my investigation to other regions if I were able to pursue them. However, geography being what it is and my being a man of little means to travel beyond my own region, I could use your help in my investigation.

I have forwarded to you the notes of my investigation thus far. I am asking that you forward these notes to whomever you may know that may be able to help me in finding this missing man. I will continue to forward all information that I uncover to you as soon as I can. Any help you and your associates may be able to give will be greatly appreciated by myself and by the forlorn lady.

Time is of the essence. Please do not delay in contacting your people.

Enigma Stealthboxxer
Private Investigator

The Case of the Vanished Lover
A Stealthboxxer Mystery

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